Friday, June 17, 2011

Cricut Expression Cozie

 I didn't realize it has been a whole 1/2 month since I have posted on my blog. So sorry for that. I have been busy working on a surprise special project, which is now done. Yay!! I also started to make some really cute Cricut Expression Dust Covers. I have sewn so much lately, that the last few nights I have been dreaming about sewing. Not good, oh well. LOL

 The dust cover you see above I made with Tiger print flannel and added a fabric flower, I made with the flower fold die from Stampin Up. I added a button in the middle. I also made the flower into a pin so you can remove it, to wear or to wash your cover.  I really like how it looks.

This one is black with white polka dots with a red trim

Black with white polka dots and white trim

This is teal/turquoise with white and black on the fabric with white trim

This is brown with pink polka dots and pink trim

This one is a light paisley print in cream and light green with cream trim

This is a poodle flannel print with pink trim
This is really pretty in person. The fabric is teal/blue,brown and white, with white trim. This fabric has glitter/sparkles

This is pink, brown, and white, with pink trim. this fabric also has glitter/sparkle

  I do have other fabrics for these covers, but I need a little sewing break LOL. I will post more, after I get them made. I will be opening an Etsy account soon. It may take me a bit to get all of them loaded.

I will have a link on my blog to my Etsy Store. Thank you for stopping by, and have a great afternoon.

I hope you like them. Please leave me any feedback or comments.



  1. I like it!!! you did a great job!!

  2. So much sewing so little time. You amaze me with your talent. Love all the covers.

  3. Wow what a great idea!!!! These are super nice!!!!! Great job!!!!!

  4. The Cricut machine covers are fabulous! I wish I knew how to sew. I have an irresistibly sweet blog award for you, which you can pick up on my blog at any time. ~LuLu -


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