Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Accident I stumbled across/Word Card

This was a card I made by total mistake.
I used my Gypsy and by accident I welded a card and a phrase from 2 different cartridges. This opened my creativity to whole new level. Once I figured out how to do this, I had a Ahhhhaaaa moment.
You can do this with the design studio as well as with your Gypsy.

I am going to try and give you instructions, the best I can. Just in case you would like to make one to. This will apply to any phrase or image you would like to weld from any cartridge.
1. On the Gypsy select your card base. You will also need to decide the finished card size including the phrase as well.
2. create your phrase or select an existing phrase of your choice.
3.Group together using the group button.
4.weld your images together.
5.Using the nudge arrows, nudge your 2 items so they are slightly overlapping ( the one I did,I welded vertically)
6.View to make sure the have welded together by pressing the EYE button.
Before you cut, keep in mind that you will be folding this in half. So if you finished welded images on the Gypsy measure 10" tall then you card will be 5" when folded.
Please feel free to contact me, if you are having trouble, or need more detailed instructions.
I love my Gypsy and I love helping people to use theirs.

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