Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cricut Book Organization

Hi there, I wanted to share a organization project that I found on Pinterest. You can find the tutorial here , I just used Photo boxes from Michael's Instead. The plastic boxes in the tutorial are from Staples and are too expensive for me at $11.99 each. The boxes at M's were $1.84 after tax and my moms teacher discount. What a deal. I had to use 6 boxes to accommodate the 231 cartridges I own.
  I also used plain card stock to make the file folders and the tabs. In the process of organizing my Cricut Booklets in alphabetical order, I found that I am missing 18 cartridges. This sickens me but, It's my own fault for not writing down who I lent them too. I call it a hard and expensive lesson learned.
 Here is a close up of 1 box (below)

  I hope you like my post today. It took me about 2 weeks  to complete this project and well worth the work. I am now using more carts than before. I would have to sneak in my daughters room at night and get my totes out from under her bed while she is asleep. Now I have the books in my craft room and the carts in my Gypsy. Much easier for me.

      Thank you for stopping by and visiting me. I would really love to hear your comments and suggestions.

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