Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cricut Challenge 28

 This is the last page of my book. This is where I will add pictures of the class and a picture of my kids individually. I didnt put them in yet because I didn't want to put photos of the other kids without permission of their parents.

  The cartidge I use     Plantin School Book for the 2011 2012 class of.

This will be a long post sorry, I will put a picture of the entire book here so you can see it all together.

Here is part 2 of my post

    Well this was a true challenge for me. My husband is the absolute hardest person to surprise. When I try to surprise him, it always gets spoiled. But This year I finally managed to get him something that he has always wanted and surprised him.  This is the cover I got for his new Ipad in his favorite color. I added vinyl to it, to remind him that he is a great father to our 2 wonderful children. By the way, when he opened it, he was really surprised and happy.

The cart I used for the vinyl decal is
Father's Day Solutions cart.

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