Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Man of my Dreams

  The man of my dreams. I woke up Saturday morning to find my husband out side with the kids, wearing my 4 year old sons cowboy hat, and playing with my Gypsy. What !!!!! Yes he was. Not only did he figure out, after a long time how to use it. He also decided to actually cut something that he designed.

 If you can see, he decided to use some diamond plate vinyl that I have on hand, and make a decal for his truck.

  Once he was done, he went outside and started to apply his new decal on the truck.

 This is the finished decal, that my wonderful husband did all on his own. He made 2 for each side of the truck. What a man!!!

 I thought I would share this great story with you all.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great Memorial week-end

Happy Crafting


  1. You would never catch my hubby anywhere near my crafting way....old ladies hobby he says...what does he know eh??? TFS!

  2. My husband is not a crafter by no means, but when he wants a decal he will until he gets stuck and needs help. I just love the fact that he supports my hobby.

  3. Hey Lisa when is he going to teach classes LOL

  4. LoL I'll ask him, he did a great job. That's my man


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