Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rocha Family Tree 2011

 Step 1
 I can now share my special project with you all. My Cousin Denise had contacted me to do a family tree for our family reunion. I have been trying to keep an updated record of my family members. That sure did come in handy. It took me a while to get started on this, because I had no idea how and where to begin. The tree will have 60 names on it. WOW! that's a lot of family members. I was shopping at Costco and I saw a metal tree wall hanging,and that is what I used as my inspiration. I purchased 2-12x24 sheets of dark wood veneer paper.  When I attended Faith in May, I decided to bite the bullet and get started on my project. Thank goodness Teri from Heart2Home was there to help me.

 I used the Heritage Cricut Cartridge to cut the tree. The tree measures 23"x24", this was definitely a 2 person cut. I had to use my trusted Gypsy on this for sure. The tree was cut in 2 separate pieces, seeing the cricut only cuts a max size if 11 1/2" tall. To glue the tree down was definitely hard to do, I had to make sure the seams were as invisible as possible. I applied little dots of glue in each section of the tree, but I worked in a 1 inch section at a time.
Step 2

Step 3
I inked the name labels in different colors for each individual family, so there is definition. Otherwise they would all blend in together.

Step 4
 I added several different sizes of leaves. I inked the edges of each individual leaf. wow that took forever. I also added pictures of my Grand-Parents. I just love the picture of my Grandma (Ama)
She was so beautiful, like old school Hollywood.
Step 5
I added a ribbon with the family name on it. I also added some white doves on my Ama's frame.
Step 6 finished tree

I showed my friend my tree, and she donated the frame and matte to me. So I took it to Michael's to have it all put together for me. I just loved how it came out. I displayed it at our 2011 Rocha Family Reunion.  I think it was a great success. I got a lot of compliments on it.  I hope you like it too.
 It took me about 40 hours from start to finish on this great project. Thank you Denise, for challenging me.


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