Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cricut Challenge 14

 Hello there, I hope you are all doing ok. I am doing good and so are my kids, finally.

 This weeks challenge was encouraged by my 5 year old son. Everyday when I take my kids to preschool, I have to pass a few school zones and crosswalks. Well everyday I get so angry at the amount  of parents who totally ignore the school zones and crosswalk laws. Even knowing that there have been so many crosswalk deaths here in the Vegas valley. So on a regular basis you will hear me honk my horn in hopes that they will realize they are speeding right by an elementary school. But as usual it never works. And sometimes you'll hear me scream "SERIOUSLY" or "ARE YOU KIDDING ME". well my son always asks me why I do that, so I explained to him why. A few days later he then says to me about an hour before school, can you make me a sign? I of course am curious, sure son, what kind of sign. So he goes where some of my Cricut Cartridges are stored and picks out Something to Celebrate. He brings it to me and points to the Crosswalk sign. I said sure I can make that for you. But Anthony why do you want a Crosswalk sign, he said " that way when you take me to school I can put it out the window near the school so it reminds people to slow down.  It's pretty sad when a 5 year old can have that much common sense put grown adult parents don't.

So please parents and non-parents, remember to slow down and pay attention to the crosswalks. It may be your child.

The cart I used was the Something to Celebrate
 I was able to cut all the layers on 1 mat with my Gypsy Yay!!

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  1. Lisa, I love your story and tell Anthony I personally thank him for this great idea.


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