Sunday, February 19, 2012

Craft Room Mini Makeover

 Well hello there and Happy Sunday to you all. This week I will not be featuring a cartridge challenge. You see, my wonderful husband gave me a craft room makeover for Christmas. Well since then I have decided to not accept it, (I Know that's crazy but here is why). We decided as a family to work on becoming debt free. So I explained to him that we can't get to where we want to be if we do a custom cabinet wall for my craft room. So after several conversations I finally convinced him to cancel my cabinets. But his condition in order to cancel the cabinets was that I keep a little bit of money for my Christmas and birthday present.  So I did, lol I'm not totally out of my mind.

 So what I decide to do is a mini makeover with the money I kept. Here is my before and after pictures of my craft room. I hope you like it.

 The 3 stacked tubs are full of cricut cartridges lol, and the blue tub with the scale on top has tons of Stampin Up retired stamp sets. And to the right is my super model Daughter, who ran in the room just before I took the picture lol

In this picture you can basically see my whole messy room. I would have to move stuff around on the floor just to get to things that I needed and then move them back so I can work. It was very annoying. It would drive me crazy enough that Iwould avoid my room sometimes.

As you can also see, my room was made up of extra pieces of furniture from where ever I could get. The center cabinet was bought a few years ago at Home Depot for $135.00 and I told my husband, that if it doesn't fit in this cabinet then I don't need it. Well I guess I was wrong, I out grew that cabinet in a few months lol. My husband also wanted my Son to have his dresser back, UH OH is what I said. So off I went onto the Internet to see if I can find another cabinet like my big white one. And I scored again. Home Depot still carries it for almost the same price.

Are you ready.....................................
After removing everything out of all the cabinets, which took me about 4 hours.

This is my new and improved Craft room. Here is my new white cabinet next to my old one. It took me a good solid 6 hours to put everything back together and organized at the same time. I could barely move on Monday after I did all that work. But it was fun finding all kinds of stuff I forgot about.
As you can see, my husband added a small hook on the end of my ATG gun so I can hang it when I'm not using it. Now I can't loose it. Cool huh?

The picture on the left side below is of my new cabinet and it is so full, that I cant even think about adding anything new in there. but it looks so pretty and organized. The right side is my old cabinet. This one has all of my machines and sewing supplies along with miscellaneous items

 This is my pretty table all cleaned and ready to craft. But as you can see I still have tons of stuff underneath it. But now I don't have to move things around just to get supplies and work. Most of what is underneath my table is paper. I am a paper addict, there I said it. lol. The Mini makeover cost me ..............Drum roll.......................................................$190.00. Not to bad I think, compared to the $2700+ cost of custom cabinet we were going to have made. I love it!!!!!!!!

 I know this is a long post, but I had to share my new clean space with you all. I hope you like it.

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  1. Wow, I love it!!! Good job Lisa :)

  2. Nice job! Now you can get in there and start using up some of your stuff (ha ha ha)...that's what I always tell myself and yet, I keep finding myself walking in the door with a bag from Hobby Lobby and/or Joann's. Thank goodness our Michael's closed down or I'd have 3 stops to make all the time!


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