Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buzz Lightyear

My kids have been asking me to make them a Buzz Lightyear for a few days now, so yesterday I decided to go ahead and make them. They are easy to make but time consuming. So I started around 1pm and worked on them until I got hit with a really bad headache. So I did have to stop, which upset the kids a little bit. But they are to young to understand what was happening to me. I did manage to have all the layers cut at 9.4". I find it easier to do characters at a larger size, because of the small details like the eyes. To make them small makes it very challenging to assemble. I used my Gypsy to lay all the cuts out. I did use the Layers feature on the Gypsy, which makes it so much easier to design your project at once.

I did manage to finish putting it all together this morning for the kids, and they were really excited to get them on their doors.

I teach Gypsy 101 and Gypsy Advance classes  at the Crafting place. If you are interested in taking my class please call 702-845-2536 for information.

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